Meet The Doctors

Dr. Otis Chong

Dr. Otis Chong, our Endodontist, graduated in 2008 from Harvard University School of Dental Medicine with his Endodontic certificate and Masters of Medical Science in Oral Biology.  He finished his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree with Honors in University of Pennsylvania, School of Dentistry in 2005.  Dr. Chong is a highly qualified specialist who performs all of the complex root canal cases in our office.  He makes all of his patients feel comfortable and makes root canals seem easy.

Dr. Tricia Bato

Dr. Tricia Bato, our Periodontist, obtained her specialty degree from USC in 2007.  She graduated from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 2004.  She is a highly skilled Periodontist who performs complex periodontal procedures, from bone augmentation to gum surgery.  She also does all of our implant procedures in the office.  Dr. Bato makes all of her patients feel at ease, despite the complexity of some treatment plans.  She has definitely made many patients Smile confidently again. 


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